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Holiday Gift Guide: Christian-Themed Gifts!

We’re back with our final holiday gift guide of this year: Christian-themed gifts! While you certainly don’t have to buy (or even make) Christmas gifts for your friends and family, we know that many of you might want to…it’s so much fun to give during the holidays! As we’ve said, you should first consider talking to your closest pals and family about exchanging gifts before you make a decision on whether or not to get anything. If your pals are low on cash and/or time, they might want to make an agreement not to exchange gifts. While surprises are fun, giving someone a gift who hadn’t planned to give you one back can sometimes leave the other person feeling guilty....

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Make an ornament! Take inspiration from our recent roundup of Christian-themed ornaments and make your own. Make your own piece of jewelry. Even if you don’t have previous jewelry-making experience, you can find necklace chains and Christian-themed charms at stores like Lifeway and Michael’s and easily make a “simple assembly” necklace or bracelet for a loved one. Create a meaningful journal. Find an inexpensive journal you love (TJMaxx always has some in their clearance section) and write your favorite Bible verses on the bottom of various pages throughout. You can also include notes of encouragement or inside jokes. Your friend or family member can decide how to use the journal and whether to read all of your notes and verses right away or over time...

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Five Meaningful Gifts for Christian Families

If you’re anything like me, you are already in the middle of your Christmas shopping.  If you are hoping to come up with some especially meaningful gifts this year that reflect your faith and encourage the kids in your life, look no further.  I’ve got some great ideas that will help you give gifts you can really be proud of.  And, they won’t break the bank! 1.  The Train ‘Em Up Series These books use a train theme to teach children the essentials of the Christian faith.  At only $4.49 apiece on Amazon, you can buy a whole set for the children in your life, or just choose one or two for meaningful stocking stuffers.  These books cover everything from...

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