Five Meaningful Gifts for Christian Families

If you’re anything like me, you are already in the middle of your Christmas shopping.  If you are hoping to come up with some especially meaningful gifts this year that reflect your faith and encourage the kids in your life, look no further.  I’ve got some great ideas that will help you give gifts you can really be proud of.  And, they won’t break the bank!

1.  The Train ‘Em Up Series

These books use a train theme to teach children the essentials of the Christian faith.  At only $4.49 apiece on Amazon, you can buy a whole set for the children in your life, or just choose one or two for meaningful stocking stuffers.  These books cover everything from prayer to baptism to grace to salvation, and each one comes with a CD of kids’ music that relates to the theme of the book, plus a page of stickers.  The Train ‘Em Up series is theologically sound, the illustrations are adorable, and all three of my kids enjoy them, ages two, six, and nine.

2.  Little People Nativity

I don’t know a child who doesn’t love playing with Little People.  This great little nativity set has been a part of our family for many years.  When you press the angel on top, the star lights up and it plays “Away in a Manger” while the Wise Men and Mary and Joseph marvel at the seriously cute baby Jesus on the hay.  This playset is a wonderful way to make the story of Jesus’ birth more accessible to children, and it’s a great teaching tool.  It’s just one way that you can retell the real story of Christmas over and over during the holidays and all year long.

3.  Journibles

Journibles are small, black journals that are designed to help you write out entire books of the Bible, with space for your own thoughts, comments, and notes along the way.  In Deuteronomy 17:18, when Moses is leaving final instructions with the people of Israel, the king is commanded to write out his own copy of the law.  Studies now show that when we write things down we have an easier time remembering them later, which is probably one reason that God wanted Israel’s kings to write the law down for themselves.  The writing slows us down and helps us contemplate what we’re reading and writing.  Journiblesare great gifts for older kids or teens (and adults, too!) who are looking for a new way to kick-start a Bible reading schedule.

4.  The Big Picture Story Bible

The Big Picture Story Bible is one of my very favorite ways to teach kids about how the Old and the New Testament fit together.  In simple terms and with beautiful illustrations, this book shows how Jesus is revealed all through the Old Testament, and how the entire story is really about His coming.  I love the way it connects the dots between all of the Bible stories that the kids hear in Sunday school.  This would be an excellent, meaningful gift to put under the tree for the kids in your life.

5.  What’s in the Bible?

The What’s in the Bible dvds are hilarious, completely entertaining ways to teach kids (and parents) ALL about the Bible, from the way the books came together to who the authors were to the point of the whole thing.  Created by the Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame, these dvds go way beyond teaching morality tales to giving kids a thorough and surprisingly deep knowledge of what the Bible is all about.  Parents and kids will love the funny songs, puppets, and animation.  Right now all of the What’s in the Bible dvds are on sale for $9.97 and beginning today all orders in the US ship free!

I hope some of these ideas work for you!  Each of these gifts is a small way to help kids and families grow in their understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith.  Happy shopping, and please leave links in the comments if you know of some other cool gift ideas for Christian families!